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Working from home the smart way

Working from home doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from the outside world – in fact, it means being more connected than ever. Here are some tips from our very own Anna Fletcher on how to stay productive, happy and healthy in your home office. Communicate clearly and regularly:  Turn on notifications  Ask colleagues and clients questions…

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Public, Private & Hybrid: Are all Clouds the Same?

No doubt you’ve been considering moving to the Cloud or are in the process of selecting a Cloud provider. In fact, very few businesses have a strategy of keeping their servers and infrastructure locally, and rightly so. With the amount of investment being made into the Cloud infrastructure by large companies (94% of enterprises are…

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Microbyte Celebrate Closing 100k Cases!

Microbyte is proud to be celebrating closing one hundred thousand cases in nine years using their custom-built MicroLog. The 100,000th case closed was with Kloeber, a company they’ve grown alongside over the last eight years. As Dale Whymark, Business Systems Manager at Kloeber explains, “Microbyte came on board towards the end of 2011. They weren’t…

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5 Things You Should Know When Buying Cyber Insurance

Technology, social media and financial transactions over the internet are integral to how most organisations go about finding customers and how those customers purchase products. Unfortunately, those methods are also used as access points by cybercriminals to get their hands on sensitive information. Whether it be hackers, those looking for financial gain or even insiders,…

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