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What did we learn from coronavirus about technology?

Coronavirus forced us into unfamiliar territory. We swapped the morning commute for extra time in bed, repurposed the dining table as a desk, and we (re-)learnt long division, thanks to the added demands of home-schooling. Not only do we have a new level of respect for teachers, we’ve also learnt a thing (or five) about…

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The office in lockdown – what does it look like?

Our Managing Director, Yusuf Yeganeh, talked to BBC News about getting back to the office during lockdown. We were on BBC Look East this week for a whole fifty-five seconds. Our COO Lewis put on his best concentration face to stare at a screen and Yusuf said two lines to camera. We were part of…

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If you want more clients, outsource your IT Helpdesk

Every business needs round-the-clock IT support. They might not know it at first, but for all the planning and thought, there’ll always be someone working late on a project and coming up against an IT hitch. For MSPs and IT support providers, it’s not always possible or cost-effective to offer clients 24/7 in-house support. But…

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