9 - 2015 - Microbyte

Don’t get hooked by the Phishermen

In today’s crazy world, it’s easy to get caught up thinking you need to read and act on absolutely everything you are being presented with; email, post, text, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, the list is endless! That “bing” sound from one of your various devices is comparable, for some, to a drill sergeant shrieking they get…

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London Set to Boom with New Broadband Initiative

The announcement from Boris Johnson, Mayor of London that a new broadband initiative is set to launch in London showing connectivity speeds across the capital was welcomed from business owners and homeowners alike. With an aim from BT and Virgin Media to increase broadband coverage to 99% by 2018, how will this affect businesses within…

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Windows 10

So what are the new features of Windows 10? Is it safe? Do we need it right away? It’s always exciting when a new operating system arises. Who doesn’t want a shiny, new and fresh appearance to their desktop? But wait; what changes will I be taking on board and have there been any issues…

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