9 - 2016 - Microbyte

Ransomware: The Threat Is Very Real

  Above is a screenshot from one of the latest ransomware strains, dubbed ‘Jigsaw’. The image above is one that is being used in ransomware attacks. Terrifying? Absolutely, but not just because of the disturbing image used; not because of the cocky, brazen tone that has been adopted – but because of the damage that…

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Microbyte Moves Customers to 365 Cloud Exchange and Intronis‎ Cloud Backups

We are empowering our customers to make their business more safe and resilient in the digital realm. Transitioning to the cloud is not a move that should be taken lightly; moving from an established infrastructure to a cloud-based environment is one that requires planning and new processes. However there are a wealth of benefits that…

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