11 - 2019 - Microbyte

5 Things You Should Know When Buying Cyber Insurance

Technology, social media and financial transactions over the internet are integral to how most organisations go about finding customers and how those customers purchase products. Unfortunately, those methods are also used as access points by cybercriminals to get their hands on sensitive information. Whether it be hackers, those looking for financial gain or even insiders,…

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How the Modern Workplace can benefit your environment

Did you know that in many office environments now, up to 60% of desk space is vacant? Well, the fact is that 4x as many people are working outside the office compared to just five years ago. Not only are these people working away from the office, but statistics also suggest that they’re working on…

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How Businesses Should Prepare for Windows 7 End of Life

So, Windows 7 is end of life, and in December we won’t be receiving any more security updates from Microsoft. Is it a big deal? Yes, it is. However, we urge you to not run out buy yourself a copy of Windows 10, especially not on a CD! What happens once Windows 7 reaches end…

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