11 - 2020 - Microbyte

How much does Outsourced IT cost? An Outsourcing guide by Microbyte

How much does Outsourced IT cost? It shouldn’t be hard to work out how much outsourced IT costs. Yet, IT providers don’t always talk about the numbers as plainly as they could. The complicated jargon and befuddling number-crunching can be off-putting for companies considering support. At Microbyte, we understand that you can’t weigh up IT…

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The business benefits of Cloud email

The eight benefits of cloud email Cloud email is already the standard for personal email accounts, but businesses are still behind. Reliable email functionality is crucial in our world today. It helps you stay organised,  communicate easily and run your business smoothly. Cloud email has the basic functionality like sending, receiving, and storing email. What…

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We’re a Microsoft customer story

Microsoft customer stories showcase the work of IT solutions providers – and we’re one of them! Microsoft have featured our partnership with Belvoir on their Microsoft Customer Stories page.   Property franchise Belvoir are a valued Microbyte customer. Not only do we share their commitment to exceptional customer service, we’re proud to have built a…

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