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6 things you can do with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has never been so important – and practical. Its functionality is so vast it’s hard to keep up with its best features. We’ve conjured up a few things you can do with Teams to make sure you’re getting the most out of your user experience.

With Teams, you can mimic the day-to-day office experience using one application. Share screens, schedule meetings, work on documents, and chat all at the same time.

1) Everything in one place

This is one of the big hitting features of Teams. It is completely integrated with Microsoft 365. Email, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all within the same application.

2) Chat channels for certain topics

First of all, there is no need to have an external chat application. The chat feature on Teams allows you to separate channels by topic and thereby save time. Resolve problems faster and without all the clutter. Share attachments and schedule meetings to the diary all without leaving the chat. Conversations are also organised and saved. You won’t be spending endless hours looking for that one attachment sent to you months ago.

3) Work on the same files all at once and organise them by meeting using Sharepoint

No need to feel scatter-brained before and after meetings. Instead of sending individual updates via email, everyone can work on shared documents. As soon as you start a meeting in Teams, you can share the agenda, all the necessary files and meeting notes in one place. If a colleague missed a meeting, they will have access to everything discussed and shared. Collaboration and communication made easy.

4) Email and chat integration

As much as everyone loves using chat these days, email is still the gold standard. On Teams you can generate a unique email address for each chat channel. Important emails will feed into chats for simpler communication. Click the ellipses next to the chat channel name and select “get email address.”

5) Teams on the go

You need to step out of the house or office but still need to finish an ongoing conversation with a colleague. The functions of Teams on a desktop are identical on Windows, Android, and IOS devices. We’re sorry (or not sorry) to say that with Teams, your work can always be in your back pocket.

6) Blurred background on video calls

We know it may seem like a small feature, but now more than ever we are working from our homes. Sometimes we’d rather conceal our workspaces. Teams allows you to blur your background. Click the three dots near the button to hang up and select ‘blur my background.’


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