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Azure Identity Protection | The next very welcome technology?



As many of us are discovering, the landscape for technology and life in general is changing, and in some respects not entirely for our benefit. When you call the bank you are interrogated, when your card is declined you have to explain yourself thoroughly, and god forbid you forget your online banking password! Still, all these issues are as a result of our desire to become ever more connected which in turn means some connectedness we’d rather do without.

Technology in business is always evolving and has taken some huge leaps forward, providing more features and benefits than we could have ever wished for. However have the security measures evolved fast enough to sufficiently protect us with our new found liberty? As with most things, the response is probably Yes and No. A better question might be “Can I do MORE, REASONABLY, to protect myself and my staff?”

The answer to this may well include the development of Identity Protection services such as Azure ID Protection. Quite simply, a username and password is not enough to protect the businesses of today, and a greater suite of tools are needed to verify the person holding the key, is the person who should be holding it.

ID protection services takes a fresh look at how access is gained to your most used usernames and password, by not only putting in place more complex lockout policies such as “stop all logins from Nigerian (or anywhere) IP addresses” but also Artificial Intelligence like features which monitor your services to detect anomalies, that don’t suite your normal behavior.

What’s more with these services synchronisation can be achieved with multiple accounts, for instance your account accessing your RDP or PC can also be used for your email account meaning both can be secured and locked out right away, without providing an avenue for further exploitation.

We firmly believe Azure Identity Protection P2 is an invaluable addition for all users within the Microsoft ecosystem, starting at less than 20p per day, per user.

Get in touch to learn more about how ID Protection can protect you, or click the video below for a very good explanation from the Oxford Computer Group on how we all benefit from being part of the Microsoft security suite.