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The business benefits of Cloud email

cloud email

The eight benefits of cloud email

Cloud email is already the standard for personal email accounts, but businesses are still behind. Reliable email functionality is crucial in our world today. It helps you stay organised,  communicate easily and run your business smoothly. Cloud email has the basic functionality like sending, receiving, and storing email. What makes it different is the added security and reduced maintenance.

Here are a few reasons why Cloud email is the new gold standard and worth the switch.

1) Remote email access

You’d expect to log in to your personal Gmail account from anywhere, so why should business email be any different? Cloud email offers you access from wherever you go and on any device.  All you need is internet access (and ideally MFA for extra security.)

2) Lower cost

In-house email servers need a lot of upkeep. The Cloud email subscription service model is cheaper. No need to hire IT staff to manage an on-site email server.

3) Increased team productivity

Now, more than ever, we need easy and efficient ways to communicate with our colleagues. Cloud emailing is on and accessible 24/7 so your team can work flexibly from anywhere in the world. Cloud email such as Microsoft Outlook integrates with a suite of other applications. This makes collaboration quicker and easier. Even if you’re accessing your cloud email via an internet browser, you can use other tools within the Microsoft 365 suite. Cloud emailing also has ample capacity to store large files. You’ll never have to worry about sending your colleague that massive document again.

4) Evolving business cloud email security

There’s no need for staff to make sure that the security features of your email system are up to date. Cloud email updates itself to ensure your company’s protected.

5) Business cloud email data recovery

If something goes wrong, your data is always backed up and recoverable. The built in redundancy feature means you never have to worry in disaster situations. Messages, contacts, and any data are always recovered. This forms a vital part of our IT Support London services.

6) Easy administration and cloud email support

Gone are the days when you (or your in-house IT) had to maintain your own email server. One less thing for you to worry about means more time to focus on your business’s more important needs.

7) Business scalability

Adjustments to licences and storage capacity take mere moments. With the click of a button you can upgrade (or sometimes downscale depending on your agreements) the number of employees with access to email. Your MSP can help you find the most cost-effective way to manage your email accounts and cloud storage, so you’re scaling efficiently and planning for future costs.

8) First class service

Cloud subscription models make for a productive long-term customer service experience. There’s real accountability from email providers, and global security standards and regulations mean you can be assured that your company’s compliant.

Cloud email means your business can flow smoothly with lower costs and fewer concerns. It’s reliable 24/7 from anywhere. When disaster happens (it’s 2020 after all), there’s little to worry about.

For more on Microsoft business cloud computing solutions (which we install and manage for you), read Microsoft’s “5 ways cloud email hosting is a must-have for your business“.