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The Future of IT: What the next generation need to know

Young people are the future. Technology’s the future. And yet, somehow when it comes to the IT industry in the UK, we’re letting them both down, writes Microbyte MD Yusuf Yeganeh. Many industries are experiencing staff issues lately, and it’s just as true in IT support, but it’s not just a staff shortage; it’s a…

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Top 10 produce sector IT issues – THREE

#4 VPN AND REMOTE ISSUES – coming soon #3 SECURITY BREACHES – coming soon #2 STAFF ATTITUDES TO IT – coming soon #1 LACK OF IT OWNERSHIP – coming soon

Top 10 produce sector IT issues – TWO

#7 SHARING EMAIL BOXES A shared mailbox sure does come in handy when you need to communicate fast. Usually, more than one user can access the mailbox, provided they have the required permissions. These shared email boxes are centralised for sending, receiving, and sharing information. With a shared mailbox, you get a single point of…

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Top 10 produce sector IT issues – ONE

#10 PRINTERS These annoying devices can be a lifesaver when needing to get invoices and orders out, equally when they don’t work they get the brunt of a lot of abuse and sometimes a good kick-in, so why do they cause so many problems?Well, our research has uncovered that the bulk of the issues come…

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What does STAMP OUT SUPPORT mean?

The ‘Stamp Out Support’ emblem symbolises our commitment to reducing, and one day defeating reactive IT support tickets! For too long the focus has been on BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER support teams, staff that solve problems ON THE SPOT, and all while prioritising vast numbers of IT support tickets, calls, and customer satisfaction, as well as…

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