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Windows 10

So what are the new features of Windows 10? Is it safe? Do we need it right away? It’s always exciting when a new operating system arises. Who doesn’t want a shiny, new and fresh appearance to their desktop? But wait; what changes will I be taking on board and have there been any issues…

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IT investment is your insurance

If you’re putting off upgrading old or outdated equipment, chances are it’s because you’re worried about the cost, the inconvenience, and there’s that tiny voice in your head saying ‘surely, this will do for a bit longer?’ While these are very normal responses, they wouldn’t serve you very well if your car needed an MOT…

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Smartphone OS Comparison

Guest writer Kerry Butters writes for Microbyte on the top smartphone players. Smartphone technology has come a long way since 2007, when Apple launched its first iPhone. Since then demand has skyrocketed and competition is furious. The Operating System Defines Usability Phones are now as much about the operating system (OS) as they are the…

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Save time with these handy keyboard shortcuts

Want to improve your keyboard game beyond cut and paste? Download our handy cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts and give your mouse a break. We put together this cheat sheet during a learning workshop with our valued client Belvoir. We learned how the team used their computers, and then we shared tips and tricks, including…

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