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A Simple Guide to Testing Your Broadband

Our world now revolves around the internet. Whether we are tapping away at our desks 9 to 5 or scrolling through social media on our smartphones, we’re a nation of addicts and the internet is our fuel. If it all went wrong though, would you know how to test your broadband speed to ensure you’re…

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London Set to Boom with New Broadband Initiative

The announcement from Boris Johnson, Mayor of London that a new broadband initiative is set to launch in London showing connectivity speeds across the capital was welcomed from business owners and homeowners alike. With an aim from BT and Virgin Media to increase broadband coverage to 99% by 2018, how will this affect businesses within…

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Ubiquiti for Wifi

Ubiquiti Networks have been offering cutting edge Wifi solutions for over 10 years. Their ethos has been based around providing the highest quality software within affordable yet good quality devices. Some of the functionality available within the Ubiquiti product range is making waves within the IT industry. One such feature is the ability for devices to…

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