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The complexity of a 24/7 IT operation

Three years ago that we decided to evolve into a 24/7 service provider, and take the leap into running multiple sites in the UK and abroad.

It’s been a very interesting journey, and one which I am certain many MSPs (Managed IT Service Providers) dare not venture into.

It’s amazing to hear clients who use our service, say things like “the night service is a good as the day” or “Thanks for the callback, I didn’t think you’d be able to help at 2am!”.

Despite the vast number of users who utilise our service, it’s perhaps surprising how many don’t realise that as well as our Peterborough HQ (on the A1), our small London base, we also have our Dubai office.

All of these cogs go together to deliver our 24/7 global operation, which although modest in size, it highly effective supporting nearly 3000 end users!

So when you call our office and hear Jeff or Antonio from Dubai, or Salman in London when you expected to hear a midlands accent, don’t be too surprised.

For your reference, here are some of the bods, you may have the pleasure of speaking with…