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Do I need a Managed Service Provider?


As a small business grows, it can be hard to define the moment when you suddenly need to start asking for help. With so much to consider, getting in a team of professionals to manage your IT systems can fall to the bottom of the priority list.

You might even persuade yourself that you don’t need a managed IT service provider. Until one day, you suddenly do. . . and it’s too late.

So how do you know when you need to consider having your IT managed professionally?

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When should I get proper IT support for my business?

As soon as possible!

Most people put getting proper IT support off for too long. In reality, if you have valuable data stored on any type of system, or an IT system is crucial for the day-to-day running of your business, you need managed IT support.

Managed IT support packages can vary in price and coverage level, so you can opt for a package that suits your business needs. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you may not need the same support as a multinational company.

IT support companies can build support around your needs from day one.

Is an IT helpdesk good enough for business support?

Some businesses choose to use an external IT helpdesk. While this can be very useful for fixing minor problems, it is just one aspect of managed IT services.

You might call a helpdesk to help recover a lost file, set up an email for a new employee or even help install new software. However, a helpdesk is not equipped to handle bigger issues such as security breaches, ransomware and malware, and they won’t be looking to the future.

An IT helpdesk is a valuable part of managed It services, but it is only one part and cannot be relied upon to fix every problem. Every business should be looking to fix issues before they happen, plan for future technology, and look at what could be improved. In this capacity, an IT helpdesk is not enough.

How will managed IT services support my small business?

To feel secure and safe in your IT system, you need professionally managed IT services. Usually, this encompasses four sections; the helpdesk, centralization, admin and VITD.

managed services four blocks


By taking this thorough approach, you can be confident that someone is looking after your systems now and preparing for the future. You can still call the helpdesk when things go wrong, or you need help setting up a video call. But with better data management, increased security and improved communication, you’ll find fewer things go wrong.

And if the worst does happen, you know you’ve taken every step possible to protect your data and business. More than peace of mind, this means your business won’t fall foul of data protection laws.
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Managed IT service providers can tailor their services to suit your business. So there really is no excuse to rely on a single helpdesk for all your IT needs.

You should be proactively improving your security and planning for a better future. If you are stuck with an outdated IT system, rely on a helpdesk to fix all your problems or have concerns about cyber security and data breaches, don’t hesitate to get in touch.