Exciting telecoms times ahead... Onesource acquired by Microbyte | Microbyte

Exciting telecoms times ahead… Onesource acquired by Microbyte

Well, 2018 has been busy, very busy for us anyway! Our 24/7 global helpdesk is going from strength to strength, cloud services rapidly accelerating, and not to mention our new London office coming online this year too.

However, today is about phones, VoIP, and all things telephony. We are absolutely delighted to welcome…

Onesource Communications into the Microbyte group!!!

We have been working with the team at OSC for quite some time and it became clear we had much in common. They were guys we felt we could really work with to further cement our place in the telecoms space, and also help us in the pursuit of delivering excellence.

Obviously this is early days and we are keen to keep everything at OCS running exactly like the well oiled machine it already is.

The Onesource team will be relocating to our Peterborough offices in Lynchwood over the coming weeks and we are very excited to be able to offer some of our IT expertise and products into the base.

Paul, Stuart, Pav……Microbyte welcomes you!