Finding the Efficiencies | Microbyte

Finding the Efficiencies

In a busy and hectic workplace, we are all looking to find the fastest route to a solid resolution for across all of our IT Support services including London. The most efficient and hassle-free way to get to the end goal!

Here at Microbyte we want you to be able to enjoy a simple way to report any issues to us, having them all handled in a timely fashion with a satisfactory outcome, so you can focus on your daily work instead of unexpected IT obstacles.

Email is our preferred method of contact for all non-urgent and change requests to [email protected] while your world whizzes by at 100mph+

We would like to ask that you include the following information in your issue reporting (something that was working but is no longer) so that we can get to work on your these without causing you further interruptions as further data is gathered:

  • Who is the issue affecting? Single or multiple members of your team?
  • What is your best method of contact? Mobile, email or landline with an extension?
  • Are you getting specific error messages and do they still occur if you log in to a fresh session?
  • How long have you been experiencing the issue?
  • Is this causing a severe impact on the running of the business?

For any changes to the network/infrastructure/systems we would ask that you include the following:

  • Deadline of the change
  • Best point of contact for the work
  • Details of the amendment/creation/change

By adding just a few of these pieces of information it can lead us to the answer in a much shorter time meaning you can get on with the things that matter.

Should a request require contact between ourselves and a third party (leased printer company/third party bespoke software team) then including the best contact details for them will save time too.

If you don’t have the information to hand or are unsure as to what process is needed, just let us know what the desired outcome is and we will figure out the rest.

As always, if the request is urgent then we always have engineers standing by on 01733 577 055 to assist. Loss of access to business-critical software, a printer outage with product needing to be dispatched out the door and email outages are all examples worthy of a call to the team.