How much are you doubling up? | Microbyte

How much are you doubling up?

As IT partners working with a huge number of businesses across key sectors we are in a unique and privileged position. Not only do we have detailed knowledge of our clients’ operations, but we also have a special insight into their business processes and operations.

It’s always fascinating to see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, but every day we also see how small changes in IT could be huge time and cost savers.

One of the recurring themes we’ve identified is what we refer to as doubling up – repetitive tasks that can be prevented with the right solution early on. It’s so easy to get caught into a rhythm of thinking “it’s okay, it’ll only take five minutes,” but the next thing you know you’ve repeated that same five minutes the same way, daily…. for two years.

An example of this might be using multiple worksheets in Excel and duplicating your client lists in both, then having to maintain them. Or perhaps using a manual method of keeping track of staff shifts and holidays instead of making the move over to something like Planday (which at Microbyte saves us hours every week).

Taking the time to investigate software solutions, consolidating processes, or automating manual tasks can save money and means your personnel are using their potential instead of wasting time on uninspiring tasks.

So next time you’re bashing your way through the daily data entry, have a quick think about how effective you are being. It’s likely there’s an improvement to be had.

Let us know if there are areas where you think you could save time, and we’ll share what we know, or investigate solutions that could help you avoid doubling up. This forms an important part of our VCIO services to ensure your company stays on top of your IT demands.