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How to manage Microsoft

In light of the recent WannaCry attacks, we’ve had a range of clients ask for assistance with their Microsoft licensing. Microsoft conduct software audits to ensure IT users across the globe are keeping on top of their commitments and of course benefiting where possible from the most up to date software and licensing methods.

Some businesses still neglect to allow for ongoing licences in their growth strategy and budgets. This makes it all the more important to use a licensing model that fits your business. Needless to say it helps greatly when you have a managed service provider who will also keep you on track. We find our six-monthly vITD meetings help take the uncertainty out of this area and more recently we have made it a key requirement of all fully managed service clients.

We know it’s not the easiest practice to stay on top of without a process, as we will openly admit that we too have struggled with clients of varying licensing models who are not prepared for the discovered shortfall.

Taking everything into consideration, we feel that SPLA licensing along with 365 services (where possible) are the future for all businesses and managed service providers. All your costs and usage can be calculated easily and regularly, with the added benefit of only paying for those licences you need, for time you need them. What’s more, the TCO is attractive especially when you take into the account never needing any capital expenditure to have the very latest software all the time!

Please do get in touch if you feel your licensing could do with a review.