Are you investing in your business or just technology? | Microbyte

Are you investing in your business or just technology?

Every day we are bombarded with new offers from leading brands with one liners such as “why is the cloud right for you?” and “are you protected from a cyber-warlord?”. Now, we’re not saying there isn’t value in the technologies on offer, but it’s important to stay focused on the problems that you actually experience before seeking solutions that might not be the right fit.

As with any decision in life its far more important to get all the facts from people who know and actually work with your current technology and not be tempted by the salespeople with the new tech.

It’s easy to be taken in by the buzz of new gizmos which promise to make our lives better and reduce the stress of technology when actually they end up requiring a complete upheaval of an entire system that’s been in place for the last five years.

In a fast-changing world, it’s important not to lose sight of the grassroots of our businesses, and to stay focused on what it is we’re trying to tackle with IT changes. Where is the direct impact on our current operation, not the imagined impact that an advert promises?

It’s inherent in the IT industry to constantly spot new opportunities for new tech or processes. However, whenever we have these ideas now, we first run them by the litmus test of a simple statement: “What will this change enable you to do better?”

Once this basic question is answered, you can see more clearly the impact on your business in real life, not a hypothetical scenario that might never affect you. By focusing on what you want to do better and how, you might also find ways to reuse existing tech and processes. We believe improving your business starts from understanding and analysing existing systems, rather than trying to accommodate new technologies that might actually leave you out of pocket and less in touch with your business needs.