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Is a Managed IT Provider (MSP) worth the cost?

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Not all managed IT services are made equal, and with the sheer number of IT solutions and IT providers out there, it can be difficult to know what you need and which IT companies to trust. Of course, we’re not going to tell you why we think Microbyte should be the go-to for SMEs; in fact, you might be so early in your company journey that you’re not sure you even need to pay for IT support or a managed service provider yet. And you might not be ready, but if your business is starting to get valuable, you’ll want to start taking your IT seriously.

Here are four simple points to consider that should demonstrate why the cost of IT is nothing compared to the value to your business.

1. Understand the value of time for your business

At Microbyte, we believe the most valuable indicator of savings is measured in time. Most materials are cheap, but what isn’t is your employees’ time and talent. Creating good employee relationships is about respect. When you’re paying for your employee’s time, you don’t want interruptions, disruptions to their work, or other excuses that will take away from their ability to perform at their highest levels.

You need to be giving your staff a good environment in which to work, and that includes your software and hardware. You can’t be blaming your staff if stuff isn’t working (and they can’t be blaming you if they’re behind on deadlines).

2. Look for systemic solutions

One of our core values is “remove obstructions.” Have you had to do the same thing three times this week, and it’s taken at least 15 minutes? If so, we’d look to automate that process. About half of this is just doing systemic process changes, while the other half is about how to make smart investments in something that will get rid of this headache for you.

Our NetAdmin visits ensure we keep on top of our customers’ systems, and spot issues and areas for improvement, all with the ultimate aim of increasing efficiency and reducing disruption. A Network Administrator will probably have a bigger list of corrections that can be made immediately, such as improvements where standards or the threatscape have changed, and then an assessment of your current infrastructure.

A Microbyte VITD will guide you through your options and work through the benefits of each one – we’ll help you weigh up everything. We never insist, but we’ll always make a recommendation on how we think each solution will be the best fit for that business.

3. What are the true costs of your Managed Services?

A lot of IT companies try to hide their true cost behind a break-fix payment system, touting low priced responses to technical problems. Sure, it may only cost you £50 a ticket, but if you’re running an IT company and getting £50 every time something breaks, where’s the incentive to fix things permanently?

If you want quality, all-encompassing support, help with your IT strategy, as well as monitoring and alerting so you’re not having to wake up at 2am to worry about, you’ll need to be investing at least £50 to £60 per month per user to make sure you get a good service. Depending on location, that price can go up to £100-£150 a seat per person per month. Find our more information about Outsourcing IT Costs.

And of course, that sounds like a lot of money, but dissolve that into what you pay somebody. That’s not a lot to make sure that your systems are operational, that you’ve always got somebody to call and that your employees aren’t waking up the boss at 10pm because they can’t log into their email.

As a Managed Services Provider, Microbyte are 100% transparent about our costs, but we also know the value of good support. We offer essentially unlimited support, while also striving to stamp out the need for that support. It’s a win-win for everyone.

4. Find an MSP you can trust

It’s the commitment to improving our customer’s workflow that has given us a proven track record of success. Some businesses have been with us since the start, getting to know our entire support desk. It’s important to have an IT support company that delivers consistent, exceptional service regardless of which member of staff is covering your team that day.

Once you find a company that values your time, actively searches for streamlined solutions, and consistently delivers quality support, there really is no question about how much that’s releasing your business to focus on the what it does best. The value of a solid ongoing partnership is clear, every time.

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