IT Support in the US - Is It Behind? Find out more

IT Support in the US – Is It Behind?

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The USA is well-known for its entrepreneurial spirit and the concept of the American Dream. With new businesses popping up every day and as the home of the Silicon Valley and big tech scene, you might think IT support in the US is more sophisticated than in the UK. 

But more often than not, US Managed Service Providers do not offer the same level of support as their UK-based counterparts. For small to medium businesses, US companies often fall behind and have less IT support than UK businesses. 

We’ve taken a closer look at the IT support culture in the US and why UK businesses like Microbyte thrive with US offices. Read on to find out more. 

Why Big Tech is a Big Drawback

Nowadays, most modern new technology comes out of America. Silicon Valley and the start-up culture means new software, apps and technology develop significantly faster in the US. Small businesses in America gain access to technology much earlier than businesses in other countries. 

While this may initially seem positive, it can often be a big drawback. Technology start-ups and software grow fast and then get bought out by big tech brands leaving small businesses unable to pay fees and forced to change providers. 

Furthermore, as new technology develops, US Managed Service Providers (MSPs) focus on selling their clients the latest and greatest new software. With so many new things happening, MSPs push for more sales and newer technology. Their small business clients must then adjust to new technology, which might be the most recent, but may not be the best for their individual business needs. 

Big technology companies buying up and developing emerging software means large, multinational corporations get the best technology as soon as it hits the market. But for smaller businesses that want managed IT support as they grow, this big tech culture can prevent them from creating a long-term plan.

The American Dream and Planning Ahead

The idea of the American Dream means millions of Americans can start and grow their own business. The culture of small businesses is growing to take on the giants of Amazon, Apple and Meta. 

But as small businesses grow, they still need IT support, and unlike large companies, they don’t have the budget for an in-house team and can’t afford to rely on larger tech companies like IBM. 

As such, they need the support of smaller, independent MSPs who can provide support on a daily basis for SMBs. However, MSPs in the US often rely on having the newest technology. Time and again, this tech is then bought by a big corporation, and the small business either needs to meet the rising costs or change their software and digital strategy. 

When an MSP suggests new technology every six months, planning ahead and creating a digital strategy is almost impossible. Alternatively, businesses are forced to change technology when the upcoming software they rely on is bought out and changed to fit the new owner’s existing technology. 

The fast-paced American dream lifestyle means most new small businesses get set up fast and then lack the support and forethought to continue to grow. There is a sudden boom, and without necessary IT support, businesses soon stall and steady growth halts. The lack of consistent IT planning means most small businesses either get bought out after their initial success or fail to keep up with their own success. In both cases, proper, considered support from an MSP would help. 

UK Managed Service Providers in the US

Since many small businesses in the US don’t rely on local MSPs, they turn to MSPs based abroad that offer services across the US. British and European MSPs can offer improved forward planning services as well as tried and tested technology, meaning smalls business don’t need to change every few months. 

Small businesses can rely on proven, well-established technology that won’t change, fail or be bought out within months. This steady, consistent approach allows businesses to thrive and grow. Companies can rely on their MSP to provide advice and support that benefits the business instead of pushing for sales of the newest start-up software. 

At Microbyte, we have taken our US services one step further by opening our Los Angeles office. This means we can be on the ground offering local, tailored advice and support in US time zones. By keeping in touch with Silicon Valley, we gain access and insight into upcoming trends and new software while maintaining a distance from the big tech corporate wheel. 

We aim to support our US clients with the latest technology only when it is tested and good for business. We look at trends and consider what could change to offer future planning and strategic support that allows a company to grow. 

US business? Need IT Support?

If you’re a US-based company that requires IT support and don’t want to rely on US MSPs, Microbyte offices in LA are open. Many US-only MSPs get caught up in the big tech Silicon Valley cycle in which software is sold, traded and adapted quickly, leaving small businesses behind. 

For consistent support and proven technology, get in touch today for a bespoke quote.

Disclaimer: “These are the views of the individual and not the Microbyte Solutions Limited.”