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Microbyte achieve another Microsoft Competency

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Microbyte have successfully completed the “Collaboration and Content” Silver Competency!

What does this mean?

Microbyte are now officially recognised as trusted advisers by Microsoft for delivering and consulting on SharePoint solutions. To prove this accolade, Microbyte have had to hit criteria set by Microsoft.

How might it affect my company?

If you have a messy file structure where you don’t know who has access to what or you’d like to share folders and files with external users or even customers then SharePoint might be for you! We have been installing SharePoint Online solutions for a few years now and have moved whole companies away from traditional mapped drives to online storage which has been made even better by Microsoft’s recent update to OneDrive on Demand.

What’s next for Microbyte?

Microbyte are going to continue focusing on excellence and knowledge to ensure our customers get the most up-to-date solutions to aid their ever dynamic businesses. More competencies are on the horizon, specifically focused around Microsoft Azure!

Thanks for reading, get in touch if you are interested!

Lewis Livingstone