The office in lockdown - what does it look like? - Find out with Yusuf

The office in lockdown – what does it look like?

Our Managing Director, Yusuf Yeganeh, talked to BBC News about getting back to the office during lockdown.

We were on BBC Look East this week for a whole fifty-five seconds. Our COO Lewis put on his best concentration face to stare at a screen and Yusuf said two lines to camera.

We were part of a segment on the UK Government’s latest coronavirus response and we actually think they were expecting a little more outrage.

Read on for Yusuf’s thoughts on the subject, along with a one-pager on getting back to work safely.

“If I’m perfectly honest, I don’t have an opinion on whether Boris can or should do more for companies during the coronavirus crisis. I know the furlough scheme has helped many of us, but I also know that when most business owners face a crisis, the first thought isn’t ‘What support can I get?’ but ‘What do I have the power to fix?’

The best businesses know when and how to adapt, whether that’s by changing products and services to meet new demands or knowing how much of a short-term financial hit they can take for long-term goals.

It might be an unpopular view, but I think we are very, very lucky to have the freedom to get back to the office – and if we take our responsibilities seriously, we can do it safely. Times are still uncertain, but I hope we can all work with the situation we’re in and help each other to get things rolling.”

After the BBC interview, we decided to put our heads together and make a one-pager of ways that businesses can help their teams get back to work safely.


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