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Microbyte Celebrate Closing 100k Cases!

Microbyte is proud to be celebrating closing one hundred thousand cases in nine years using their custom-built MicroLog. The 100,000th case closed was with Kloeber, a company they’ve grown alongside over the last eight years.

As Dale Whymark, Business Systems Manager at Kloeber explains, “Microbyte came on board towards the end of 2011. They weren’t very large at that point, but they offered what we needed at the time. Since that time, both companies have grown, and they continue to exceed expectations. They know us very well and we know them, even on a personal level. It’s a unique partnership. It’s great to see them grow alongside us.”


There have been so many changes to IT in the last decade, however, when you rise above the tech and focus on the business requirements, you realise that the fundamentals are all still the same. If you’re able to provide a good service, be efficient and maintain excellent relationships with clients, you’ll succeed.

Lewis Livingstone, COO of Microbyte joined the business in 2012, and said, “When I joined, there was 6 of us, there’s now 26 of us! With that growth there has been a lot of change; we have modified our business model to become more proactive and focussed on deep problem-solving.”

Yusuf Yeganeh, Managing Director of Microbyte adds, “I believe businesses succeed when they not only deliver the technical requirements but all the human elements that some might say are being lost. Actually, taking the time to shake someone’s hand by meeting them in person can really go a long way!”

Reaching 100k MicroLog cases

Reaching 100,000 closed Support Cases is very meaningful to Yusuf in particular as he was there when Microbyte opened the very first one. He explains, “I remember reaching 100 Cases all those years ago and thinking that 1000 would be such a long way away! So, reaching 100k cases just proves the system has worked and stood the test of time. What’s more, it’s great that we still have many of those early clients who were with us on the old break-fix and buying hours journey.”

He goes on to say, “100,000 Cases is a huge milestone, not least because it’s within our very own platform. We built our ERP system from the ground up as no matter how hard we tried 10 years ago, there was just nothing that ticked all the boxes. In fact, although so many tools have caught up like Zendesk and Freshservice, I’d argue that still none are as integrated as our own platform, which brings in not only Case management but Support tools, billing and so much more.”

Lewis adds, “I joined shortly after MicroLog was created and my first case was number 2661; believe it or not, it was for Kloeber – the same customer that opened the 100,000th case! For me, 100K cases is a big milestone. Whereas previously a “case” was just a “Support ticket” these have now evolved into Projects, Support, MiniDev and Customer Service as the business as diversified. It’s sometimes too easy to forget all of the work we have put in when facing day-to-day challenges but looking back on how much we have achieved makes me hugely proud to be a part of it.”

“We actually had a countdown on when the 100,000th case was going to be opened. My colleague, Alex, came closest but given that his first case ID was 50, he must have called on his experience for such an accurate estimation, either that or he was opening and closing cases himself!”



Celebrating success

It’s important to celebrate any successes in business. Not only have we continued to grow, but we’ve also maintained excellent client relationships, retained staff and reached 100k closed cases.

Celebrating success is also a time to reflect, as Yusuf explains, “Every year we get the whole team together including Dubai on a Teams conference and host a Vision Day. This time is focused largely on celebrating our wins for the year, along with re-establishing our core values and principles to make sure everyone in the team is on board. It’s a time for everyone to re-evaluate their own involvement and choose a new direction or to be part of a new project. Our 100,000 cases will be a major talking point for this.”

Planning for future success

The new white-label products specifically aimed at MSP’s are already proving very successful due to the rigid processes in place, along with staff training practices. Over the coming years, Microbyte will work towards establishing themselves as a centre for excellence in general MSPs and help others deliver great services too.

Yusuf comments, “We feel data analytics and more AI lead Helpdesk services are needed moving forward and we’ll be leading the charge in the SMB space in this area too.”

As Microbyte continues to grow, there are also plans to hire more staff and onboard more customers via the London office. And, as Lewis explains, “We want to continue building on MicroLog and will continually scrutinise our operations to make improvements. When we hear from old employees, they always say how much they miss MicroLog (and us of course!), so we know we’re onto a good thing.”


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