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We just closed 100,000 cases!

In 2010, we logged our first customer ticket using our custom-built tool, MicroLog. Today we closed our 100,000th case! Who’d have thought it?

Our 100,000th closed ticket was for our valued client, bespoke glazing solutions company, Klöeber.

“Microbyte came on board towards the end of 2011. They weren’t very large at that point, but they offered what we needed at the time. Since then, both companies have grown, and they continue to exceed expectations. They know us very well and we know them, even on a personal level. It’s a unique partnership. It’s great to see them grow alongside us.”

Dale Whymark, Business Systems Manager at Klöeber

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Kloeber UK – Bespoke Glazing Solutions

The IT Support industry has changed a lot over the last few years but the fundamentals are still the same. Good service, efficiency and excellent client relationships will always be at the heart of good business.

Our COO Lewis Livingstone joined Microbyte in 2012.

“When I joined, we were a team of six – now there are 26 of us! With that growth there has been a lot of change; we have modified our business model to become more proactive and focussed on deep problem-solving.”

For all the technology and quick-sell culture, MD Yusuf Yeganeh still puts his client relationships front and centre of everything he does:

“I believe businesses succeed when they not only deliver the technical requirements but all the human elements. For me, that means taking the time for those important face-to-face meetings that help you understand exactly what people need. So many of our first clients are still with us today, which is a real testament to the trust we’ve built over time through strong relationships.”

Reaching 100k MicroLog cases

MicroLog has been central to how we process IT Support cases.

“I remember reaching 100 cases all those years ago and thinking that 1,000 was a long way off! 100,000 cases is a huge milestone, not least because it’s within our very own platform. We built our ERP system from the ground up as no matter how hard we tried 10 years ago, there was just nothing that ticked all the boxes. In fact, although so many tools have caught up like Zendesk and Freshservice, I’d argue that still none are as integrated as our own platform, Microlog. It brings in not only Case Management but Support tools, Billing and so much more.”

MD Yusuf

Lewis adds, “My first case was number 2661; believe it or not, it was for Kloeber – the same customer that opened the 100,000th case! For me, 100K cases is a big milestone. Whereas previously a “case” was just a “Support ticket” these have now evolved into Projects, Support, MiniDev and Customer Service as the business as diversified. It’s all too easy to forget the work we’ve put in when facing day-to-day challenges but looking back on how much we have achieved makes me hugely proud to be a part of it.”

Celebrating success

At Microbyte, we try to take the time to celebrate every success while reflecting on how we got there – and what’s in store.

“Every year we get the whole team together including Dubai on a Teams conference and host a Vision Day. This time is about celebrating our wins for the year, while re-establishing our core values and principles to make sure the whole team’s on board. It’s a time for each of us to evaluate our work and choose a new direction or to be part of a new project. Our 100,000 cases will be a major talking point for this.”

MD Yusuf Yeganeh

What’s next?

With a London office and new white-label IT Support services ready to roll-out, we’ve got lots to look forward to, and believe data analytics AI-led Helpdesk services will lead the charge in the SMB space. We’re working hard to become a centre for excellence and help others deliver great services too.

As Lewis says, “We want to keep building on MicroLog and will continue to assess and improve our operations. When we hear from old employees, they always say how much they miss MicroLog (and us of course!), so we know we’re onto a good thing.”


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