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Microbyte’s Most Compliant Client

Reads Microbyte Most Compliant Client

We are constantly looking through our client base, trying to identify gaps in our IT standards, whilst looking for areas to improve and to bring our customers as close as we can to our “ideal”.

Our Maturity Matrix is an ever-evolving set of standards which we measure all our Managed IT Services clients by, and we use this to determine whether or not our vITD’s are making the right recommendations for our clients.

These standards include basic elements such as, routers, firewall, password policies etc. However, at a higher level, we also take into consideration whether or not a business which we support, is even using the correct platform for their productivity.

An example might be, if a business is sales driven and has salespeople on the road, they would benefit far more from Microsoft Azure-based Cloud services than perhaps an estate agency with a single office in a rural area with no internet connection!

Every so often we are going to be announcing our MMCC (Microbyte Most Compliant Client), who we feel has made the largest leap possible (recently) to make the most of the solutions available.

We would like to announce the most compliant client as…………….. READS REMOVALS

Reads Removals are one of the leading removal companies Peterborough has available. We have worked with Reads Removals and their sister international removals company, FN Worldwide, for many years now supporting some legacy applications as well as on-premise servers. However, after a two-week migration, the removals company has been successfully migrated to our proprietary Microsoft Azure 1u Platform. This provides all offices with Cloud-based Virtual Desktops and access to every platform they require.

Reads Removals have also moved over to our Azure 3CX Cloud VoIP platform providing a cutting edge telecoms experience, all stored in their own Microsoft Tenancy.

What’s more, all local servers and infrastructure have been removed, meaning less risk, less power and more space! Well done Reads for taking the leap to full Cloud!


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