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Microbyte Support Kloeber’s Growth – Case Study

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Kloeber UK Ltd is a bespoke glazing solutions company offering high-quality doors, windows and advanced glazing products. Since the company was founded, in 2006, they have experienced significant growth. In 2012 they launched their West London Showroom in Sunbury-on-Thames and in 2015 they opened a showroom in Buckinghamshire moving their Head Office to Huntingdon in 2016 following further expansion. They opened their fourth showroom in West Sussex in 2017.

The growth of the company has resulted in an increased client base, which includes some of the largest housebuilders, developers and builders merchants in the UK.

In the following case study, we explain how we supported Kloeber UK Ltd through their continued growth. As part of the business partnership, we helped them move their IT support to us to resolve increasing pressures on their IT systems, including the supply of IT equipment across the numerous locations across the UK. Further to this, we provide Kloeber with a Virtual IT Director (VITD) in order to supply proactive and progressive IT support at board-level.

The Situation

Due to their ongoing growth, Kloeber UK Ltd realised they needed an IT partner who could grow with them to support their increasing demands. They needed a partner who’d work with them to consistently recommend changes to ensure they remained up to date with the latest technologies and respond to support requests quickly.

As explained by Dale Whymark, Business Systems Manager at Kloeber, “Having inherited the position, I soon realised our existing IT provider wasn’t resolving issues as quickly as we needed them to. There was a lack of response to enquiries and increased time taken to come back with a resolution, along with the slow return of goods being repaired. These issues were recurring. They were a small local company, so maybe they were pushed with their customer base. But, we were growing and needed someone to be more responsive.”

The Solution

Not only did we identify the need to modernise their IT, but to also provide outstanding customer service, whereby we would be able to respond to IT issues and support requests quickly to ensure their continued growth.

Over a number of years, we helped them to migrate to the cloud to centralise their data and applications, which is proven to be resilient and reliable, providing the necessary reassurance they needed. Further to this, to minimise the time they spend on IT and to present efficient new technologies to the board of directors, we began providing a VITD.

The Process

Having reviewed a number of IT companies, Kloeber decided we were the right IT partner for them having gelled with Yusuf Yeganeh, Managing Director of Microbyte.

As Dale explains, “Microbyte came on board towards the end of 2011. They just seemed very easy to work with. They weren’t full of jargon; they were just down to earth. They weren’t very large at that point, but they offered what we needed at the time.”

He goes on to say, “It was daunting moving because until you start working with someone new, everyone can promise the earth, but it comes down to delivery.”

Once we began working with Kloeber, we reviewed their current IT systems in order to understand how they worked, along with how they could become more efficient while simplifying their entire IT infrastructure. It was important to stagger the entire process to instil trust and ensure the adoption of any new systems we rolled out.

Dale explains, “Microbyte now handle everything IT related including the broadband lines, domains, internal IT problems and IT product supply. They update and manage everything under that banner.”

“We’ve just gone through our second server upgrade. Part of that was migration to the cloud and office 365. It was quite daunting, but it was project managed really well. They gave us instructions on how to use everything and the software itself is basically what we were used to.”

All the Kloeber team have access to our support team. To ensure the company systems work as they should and to identify potential issues before they happen, we’ve implemented a quarterly visit to audit their IT. This also provides us with the opportunity to present new ideas and find ways to improve their working day. What’s more, we’ve allocated Lewis Livingstone as their VITD to be involved at a higher level.

As Dale explains, “Directors don’t want to get involved in the day-to-day or have to worry about costs etc. It’s not a welcome thing when we want to upgrade, but Lewis helps get the right message to get across. He knows the lingo and can present IT investments that will benefit the company in a way that is easy to understand.”

The Result

The IT infrastructure is now up to date and Kloeber benefits from 24/7 support from our dedicated team of IT specialists. We’ve been working with them for eight years and have helped them to streamline their IT and centralise their data. We continue to work with them to constantly improve their systems, allowing them to benefit from the time and cost savings modern technology solutions provider.

As Dale explains, “They always exceed expectations. So, overall, we’re very happy with the service. They’re a cracking bunch. They get the job done on the timescales they say. They know us very well and we know them, even on a personal level. It’s a unique partnership. It’s great to see them grow alongside us and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.”


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