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Microbyte are Now a Microsoft Education Partner

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If you are a school or educational facility, contact Microbyte today for great discounts on Microsoft devices and products. It’s time you received reliable assistance from the newest Microsoft Education Partner.

Not only are we Microsoft Gold Partners, but we are happy to announce that we are now also a Microsoft Education Partner. With this, we can now help deliver Microsoft products into schools and educational facilities in an easy to understand, affordable and effective way.

How Microbyte can help schools

Offering great value licensing for Office 365 and Mobile Device Management is now an option; enabling us to supply the programmes and resources you actually need, along with developing your skills to ensure you can get the most out of Microsoft.

This partnership also allows us to offer great discounts on Microsoft Powered Netbooks and Tablets, to make digital learning portable and even facilitate those of special needs who require their own work device and space.

Our aim is to save you not only money, but from headaches too – assisting in each and every one of your student’s development and learning.

For more information about Microsoft’s involvement in education, and how they aim to better engagement and facilities, please click here.

If you’re looking at upgrading your school’s tech, feel free get in touch today for some free advice on how our new relationship with Microsoft can help empower your students’ learning. Visit our contact page or telephone 01733 577055.