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Planning your office move? Read this first.

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Moving office takes planning, but look out for opportunities to streamline your business

Read on for five tips on planning your office move.

1) Get on the Cloud

Are you still using local servers when you could (should!) be on the Cloud? If you’re moving in the next two to three months, you have time to consider a fully fledged crowd migration. Speak to your MSP or IT provider to see what you can move. They’ll tell you if you’re lugging hardware you don’t need.

2) Upgrade your office phone system

Are you still using an old system which relies on ISDN lines? If so, consider a Cloud-based phone system like 3CX, which you can have set up before you move. It gives you flexibility, security and control, so you won’t need to unplug and shift old equipment to shiny new offices.

3) Ditch the paperwork

If you rely on a lot of paperwork and outdated business processes, moving office is the perfect opportunity to take stock of what you’re moving. For instance, if you’re shifting the same old boxes, analyse why you need them and how to reduce your reliance on paper. It’s an opportunity to speak to a provider who can scan them and move them to a document management system. You might even want to upgrade your accounts package as a whole. You don’t need to be hauling half of the things you’re moving across town.

4) Access Control

Is access to your building restricted sufficiently or do you just dish out key codes for everybody to get in? Well, if you’re moving and you don’t have a provision for that, now’s the time to speak to a security consultant or your IT provider and see whether or not you can use solutions such as retina scanning, pass cards, or a variety of other measures that can actually integrate into your phone system. If you’ve got separate platforms that people are having to use to gain access to the building, now’s the time to consider what’s available.


Although there are a whole host of cameras available, there are probably only a few that you should consider, mainly ones that integrate with your network, and ones that are available to access no matter what device you’re using. Speak to a provider who can integrate your CCTV system with your IT platform. It’s important to know that anything you do from this point forward should be with integration in mind.
Your priority when moving office should always be travelling light. There is a reason we are moving everything to the Cloud, and that’s so we don’t have to carry everything around. The more you can streamline your business processes before you move, the better.
If you’re moving premises and need advice on how it might impact your IT operations, speak to our support desk to find out how Microbyte can help.