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Our view on GDPR…stop the panic

GDPR is the word on everyone’s lips, and here at Microbyte we’re getting asked about it a lot. Many of you are worried about the hefty 4% fine for offending companies, but if you’re already taking data seriously, there’s no need to panic. General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect next May, but most…

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How to manage Microsoft

In light of the recent WannaCry attacks, we’ve had a range of clients ask for assistance with their Microsoft licensing. Microsoft conduct software audits to ensure IT users across the globe are keeping on top of their commitments and of course benefiting where possible from the most up to date software and licensing methods. Some…

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Are you investing in your business or just technology?

Every day we are bombarded with new offers from leading brands with one liners such as “why is the cloud right for you?” and “are you protected from a cyber-warlord?”. Now, we’re not saying there isn’t value in the technologies on offer, but it’s important to stay focused on the problems that you actually experience…

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How much are you doubling up?

As IT partners working with a huge number of businesses across key sectors we are in a unique and privileged position. Not only do we have detailed knowledge of our clients’ operations, but we also have a special insight into their business processes and operations. It’s always fascinating to see how the pieces of the…

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