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3 Occasions You Should Be Using A VPN

You may think that because you are a law abiding citizen and/or because your business isn’t big enough, there is no need for you to be using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network – but you would be wrong. There are a number of activities that we undertake each day that have the potential to…

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Five ways to keep your email secure

Another day, another hacking story. From celebrity data leaks to multi-million pound breaches by global corporations. A hacked email account or server means so much more than a password reset. Think about what’s inside your emails, linked accounts, reused passwords, sensitive data, and you’ll see the snowball effect can be devastating. Businesses should make sure…

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Best Smartphones of 2015

Smartphones have slowly integrated themselves into our everyday lives, to the point that most of us will admit to feeling cut off from the rest of the world if we don’t have it to hand. With them being such a personal part of tech in 2015, we will use this blog to round up some…

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How to access your emails remotely

We all have those moments when we realise we forgot to finish something at work before the clock hit 5pm and we had a mad panic as to how we will solve the problem. Gone are the days of rushing back to the office to send that one last email as in today’s digital world…

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