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Create an Effective and Efficient Team with SharePoint Online

What is SharePoint Online and how can you benefit from it to better the performance of your staff, overall productivity and increase security all at the same time? Microbyte takes a look and explains all. Technology is persistently changing and advancements have allowed companies to improve their productivity through automation and collaboration. It is well…

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Microbyte are now Microsoft Gold Partners!

After successful growth in our Cloud Services offerings, Microbyte have invested the time, energy and capital into becoming Microsoft Gold Partners. What does this mean for our customers? Not only does the stringent accolade prove that we can put our money where our mouth is when it comes to technical expertise with Microsoft products, it…

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Our view on GDPR…stop the panic

GDPR is the word on everyone’s lips, and here at Microbyte we’re getting asked about it a lot. Many of you are worried about the hefty 4% fine for offending companies, but if you’re already taking data seriously, there’s no need to panic. General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect next May, but most…

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Microbyte have partnered with Echo to help simplify your IT services

Microbyte are proud to welcome web development and digital marketing specialists Echo Web Solutions into the Microbyte group. With this new merger, you can now expect a full range of web and IT services that covers everything from cloud solutions to a slick and high-performing website. We at Microbyte have long been impressed with Echo’s…

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Ransomware: Why is it on the Increase?

The modern office has come a long way over the last three decades; can you recall the realms of physical paperwork ‘carefully’ filed in enormous, overbearing filing cabinets that were kept under lock and key for each drawer? The keys themselves were also kept locked away, and you underwent interrogation by the guardian of the…

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