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Risks of Home IT Equipment for Remote Working

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When it comes to home-office risks, remote workers have consistently expressed concern that IT problems are the biggest issue. 

In recent years, hacking, cyber-attacks and data breaches have greatly impacted individuals and companies worldwide. Furthermore, as technology becomes more important for daily business operations, outdated or inappropriate software can end up causing total bankruptcy. 

Proper IT equipment is no longer something for professionals; it’s something almost everyone is very aware of. 

With more people than ever working from home offices, giving your team the right equipment and software has gone from being trivial to becoming absolutely essential. 

Here’s what you need to know about the risk of letting employees use personal gear for work. 


As a start-up, investing in quick, cheap, convenient software and gear often feels straightforward. Usually, this means a few online tools and lots of personal equipment at home. 

The result is a patchwork of equipment and platforms that aren’t integrated and don’t work together well. Poor integration and an assortment of software and equipment mean lost data, customers falling through the cracks and plenty of mistakes. 

As business increases, this can be a death sentence for scalability and future growth. 


Another common issue of remote workers using their own equipment is a lack of cohesion and shared resources. With some people using a Mac, some on Windows, some on older software, various search engines, security software and programmes, providing IT support becomes increasingly complicated. 

It’s almost impossible to ensure everything works correctly for everyone when you have to cater to multiple systems. Providing employees with the same software and equipment means improved integration and support across all aspects of a business. 


At home, employees will still be held to exceptionally high security and data protection rules. Letting employees access databases with customer information, contracts, or other sensitive material from personal computers runs an increased risk of inadequate security. 

Managed IT service providers can ensure that your professional antivirus software is correctly installed across all devices. We can even run updates, help protect file access, and put restrictions in place to ensure you never end up with lost or stolen data. 

Listen to our Managing Director Yusuf Yeganeh discuss the Risks of Home IT Equipment


Running a business requires a much higher software standard than anything you would use personally. When your IT fails to work efficiently, it can ruin your brand reputation and could mean customers don’t trust you. 

You need to be sure that your IT structure and platforms don’t let you down. They need to accommodate huge amounts of data, process orders fast and keep up with the business world. Slow software, outdated platforms and systems that don’t work can have a huge impact on your company’s outlook.

Ensure Your Team Has The Tools They Need 

Businesses that plan to grow and expand should take IT equipment and software seriously from day one. Investing in the right platforms and tools will end up saving you money in the long run. It’s easier to get it right the first time. 

Ensure your employees have everything they need or risk low productivity and plenty of future problems as you try to repair the damage. For support in setting up your business’s IT structures, contact us today for bespoke advice to plan for success.

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