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Create an Effective and Efficient Team with SharePoint Online

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What is SharePoint Online and how can you benefit from it to better the performance of your staff, overall productivity and increase security all at the same time? Microbyte takes a look and explains all.

Technology is persistently changing and advancements have allowed companies to improve their productivity through automation and collaboration. It is well known that effective and efficient teams lead to high output and profitability.

Most companies employ an intranet, with organised workflows and quick access to tools and documents, to improve productivity in the workplace. Microsoft’s SharePoint is an industry leading platform providing document sharing repositories along with a whole host of other teamwork tools.

SharePoint Online is the cloud variation of the platform, which is hosted in Microsoft’s cloud-based datacentres – Office 365. This collaborative platform integrates with other Microsoft products such as Word and Excel whilst remaining highly customisable.

“That’s all great and stuff… but how will moving to SharePoint Online benefit me?”

Organisations have become more interested in how and where data is stored. Events such as the implementation of GDPR has meant that security is at the forefront of every conversation. Microsoft have worked hard to put in control measures to make SharePoint compliant with GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Later in the year, there will be a new dashboard that allows you to check your GDPR compliance making security much easier to manage.

So, moving to SharePoint Online not only has the potential to increase productivity within your team but also release the stresses and strains of storing data on local infrastructure. The benefits don’t end here: there are many SharePoint apps and feature that could play a vital role in improving your business.

For more information and to find out what apps are available to you, feel free to contact us and let’s have a discussion.