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Supplementary IT Support from Microbyte

Supplementary IT Support

There’s no avoiding it. Managing your IT can sometimes be a pain.

Few businesses can manage without some IT, even if it’s just dealing with the accounts, email, and a simple website. But, at the same time, it usually requires skills that are not part of your core business, and that means you need to find them elsewhere.

Making sure your systems are running effectively and efficiently will require specialist support. And then, if you need to make changes, such as migrating your systems or expanding your business, it’s likely you need even more support. The problem is most businesses cannot justify the costs of the IT team they really need.

Supplementary IT — the solution to your problems

As the name suggests, supplementary IT adds to your existing IT support. Giving you exactly the level of IT that you need, just when you need it.

It means that rather than having to hire a full IT team, you can buy precisely what you need, exactly when you need it. You can use supplementary IT flexibly, so whether it’s help with seasonal peaks in demand, planned projects that need a little extra resources, or someone who can help address an unexpected problem, supplementary IT is the perfect way to make sure your IT provision continues to support your business, rather than giving you a headache.

Why supplementary IT works so well

Supplementary IT works by plugging the gaps in your existing IT support when you need it, and only when you need it. IT is a diverse field, and while you might already have someone who manages your day-to-day running, they might not have the capacity to handle increased demand, or the knowledge and experience to manage specific projects.

Anyone who has used a computer will know how they absorb time and resources when they aren’t performing well. Using supplementary IT means that you have specialists available to take care of that, it means that your staff can, instead, focus on your core business. It can increase your productivity and, because you only pay for what you need, keep your costs low.

And, above all, it can give you peace of mind knowing that your IT needs can always be met and that your systems are working to support your business.

Supplementary IT for growth

Growing your business brings enough challenges even before you think about IT. Supplementary IT can help you ensure your IT scales with your business and can continue to grow with it, whether to match changes in demand, or planned growth.

Our experts can help with upgrades to your systems, ensuring everything runs properly and offering support to staff to manage the software transitions, and can take care of the hardware infrastructure too, from simple network increases to restructuring to ensure everyone has access to exactly what they need and nothing else.

Supplementary IT for security

You might not realise it, but your computers hold your most valuable asset: your customer data. Aside from the risk to your business if you lose that information, you will also have a duty to keep that data safe.

You can use supplementary IT to audit your systems, ensuring that you have robust backup plans in place, not just to safeguard your data, but ensure you are up and running quickly in the event of failure. And no-one is safe from cybercrime, even small businesses. Our specialists can audit your systems, ensuring they are safe, so you will not become a cybercrime statistic.

Supplementary IT for support

Most people aren’t IT specialists, that is why you need an IT team. From getting people started, to trouble-shooting issues, modern work means everyone has some contact with IT.

The Microbyte team can help you ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether it’s a regular need to help onboard staff, with new computers and equipment that works first time, or adding to your helpdesk capacity, your company gets the IT support they need to get back to work when things go wrong. Supplementary IT makes sure that your team are productive from day one and stays that way.

Supplementary IT for the cloud

The cloud has become a catch-all term for many people. But the fact is that the old days of having a computer physically connected to a network are long gone.

Our supplementary IT can help you with your cloud computing, whatever the cloud means to you. We can help you set up remote access, ensuring that all your data and files are stored and accessed securely, so staff can work anywhere without compromising productivity or data. Or we can help you set up the latest software-as-a-service, for example, migrating your team to Office 365, so they can always access the tools they need.

The IT support that works with you

Perhaps the best thing is that supplementary IT is totally flexible. Whatever your problems, it can be there to fix them.

We can offer ongoing contracts, providing support that would be difficult to recruit to individually, or step in to help with planned changes or even on-demand issues. And, best of all, because you are working with a team, you’ll have access to a range of professionals who can bring experience and expertise to any IT-related issue.

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