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Supplementary IT Support from Microbyte

Supplementary IT Support

Does your internal IT team need support? We’ve got your back. 

When it comes to your IT, sometimes, a little support goes a long way. Microbyte offers supplementary IT support to assist your existing internal operations. Our team of experts can work to fill in the gaps, creating flexible, custom solutions that allow your team to thrive and prepare for a better future. 

If your business is looking to scale up, take on a large project, or just need a helping hand on a day-to-day basis, Microbyte is on-hand. We know that not every business can afford a sizeable internal team or have no need to outsource all their IT, so we work hard to provide our services on a more independent basis so you never have to worry about having nowhere to turn. 

Get The Level of Support You Need

For almost two decades, Microbyte has been working with businesses across the globe, providing bespoke IT support to packages and expert insight. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to your requirements and offer solutions that work alongside your existing operations. 

Whether you need help troubleshooting common problems, advice on how to develop your internal IT department, or require professional support for a specific project, we’ve got your back. Unlike other IT support companies, we believe you should be able to decide how much support you need. 

Working in a partnership with us means gaining access to our professional experience, benefitting from expert advice, and knowing that you have someone to fall back on when you need it. We offer additional support, so you know that we’ve always got your back, but you can still handle business the way you want. 

Supplementary IT Support Services 

Our supplementary IT support services vary depending on your unique requirements. We know that every company and every IT department is different, so we aim to be flexible. No matter how big or small the problem, we’ll work with you to make sure life runs smoothly. 

Our supplementary services include:

  • Daily Operations
  • 24/7 help desk troubleshooting
  • Fixed-term project support
  • 24/7 Network security and monitoring
  • Data backup & recovery
  • Cloud migration
  • System Integration
  • Ticket tracking 
  • Software patching
  • In-house training and best practices 
  • IT Consulting & Project Management
  • 365 Migrations
  • Hardware & software rollouts
  • IT roadmap and growth strategy
  • Procurement 

Why Your Business Needs Supplementary IT Support

Many SMEs and smaller businesses require IT support but don’t have the budget or need a full MSP. Often businesses have a small internal IT team who can handle daily operations but are ill-equipped to handle large projects or sudden company growth. Technology is continually changing, and small IT departments often cannot keep up with the latest technology and security threats. 

That’s where Microbyte supplementary IT support comes in. We provide the help you need when you need it without taking over from your existing team. We can step in to deal with an emergency, provide training, work out an IT strategy and be your backup when employees are sick or take time off. 

We aim to integrate seamlessly with your team giving you access to our knowledge and expertise without the cost of a 360-degree support package. You can scale your IT support to your business and get ahead of the competition without hiring additional full-time employees. 

Fill the gaps in your IT Department today 

If you have concerns about your IT, want to fill in the gaps, or want to take advantage of a professional IT company without paying full price for unnecessary support packages, our supplementary services are the answer. We look to reinforce your existing strategy and alleviate the strain on your in-house IT team. 

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help your business reach its potential.