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Supporting the community at Christmas

Christmas community

We don’t need to say how difficult this year has been for everyone, but going into the holiday season, most of us at least still have our families, homes, jobs and health. Even a small Christmas in a warm house with one or two loved ones is something to be cherished.

Whatever we might have faced this year, there should always be room for joy, which is exactly what the good people at Hinchingbrooke Hospital bring to the families and communities they support.

We’re always inspired by the staff at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, who not only work tirelessly throughout the year, but at Christmas they wrap and give around 800 presents to families in the community. We wanted to do our bit to support them, and we hope you will too.

A laptop for a student

We were especially touched by the story of one young man who recently started college. Not only did he have little financial and family support, but with his lessons moving online, he was unable to partake fully in his studies. We were more than happy to donate a laptop for his education so that he can continue to learn and build his future, whatever the obstacles.

Sports equipment

We’ve also sent sports equipment to a football club on Oxmoor Estate in Huntingdon and cricket sets to two local hostels. Many children living on the Oxmoor Estate want to play football but don’t have the kit for it, so we’re delighted to provide them with eight sets of football boots, shin pads, socks and footballs.

Two of our engineers, Daniel and Tim also donated chocolate selection boxes to accompany the many gifts donated by the public to families living in poverty.

There’s still time to give a gift

If you’d like to support Hinchingbrooke, there’s still time to purchase presents through their Amazon wish list.

Click here and take two minutes to give a gift that will brighten up someone’s Christmas.