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The Benefits of IT Support

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When something goes wrong with your car, you take it to a garage. When your heating stops working, you call the energy company. When your phone suddenly dies, you send it to the repair shop. And when your IT systems crash, you call your IT support team. 

Nowadays, organisations are so reliant on technology that not having a dedicated IT support team is a bit like your car breaking down and you refusing the help of a mechanic. It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity. 

Technology is an integral part of almost all business’s daily operations. As more businesses rely on technology, they inadvertently rely more heavily on IT services. Plenty of businesses overlook investing in proper support and then pay the price when things go wrong. 

No matter what sector your business is in, the size of your business, or what technology you use, here is why working with a managed IT support provider such as Microbyte is essential. 

Protection Against Cyber Crime – A key part of any Managed IT Support

Cybercrime can be crippling for a business. Fraud, phishing, stealing data and resources, and disrupting business can cost your company your reputation, loyal customers, and it can cost a fortune to fix. According to statistics from 2021, 60% of small and medium-sized businesses that are victims of cyber-attacks go out of business within six months.

Cybercriminals are continually developing more sophisticated viruses and phishing scams which means your defences need to be tested, monitored and reconfigured frequently. Professional IT support services will ensure that you are always protected against the latest, most sophisticated cyber-attacks. At Microbyte, we work with Cisco cloud solutions such as Meraki for WIFI, routing and security, and Umbrella to provide the highest-quality security standard, so your business is never compromised. 

Seamless Communication – Often an undervalued Benefit

As your business grows and you attract more clients and incorporate more systems into your business processes, you need to be confident that all communication is timely and operational. Your IT support team can configure and set up all email, phone, video and VoIP communication to function efficiently.

It can be frustrating when you need to get in touch with colleagues, customers, or suppliers, only to find the system is down, your file won’t send, or the camera isn’t working. 

Proper support technicians will be on hand 24/7 so that in emergency situations, you can always get a hold of the person you need. Businesses that are uncontactable quickly lose customers and may miss out on deals or important deadlines, which can further impact business. 

Enhanced Data Management and Storage for important customer & business Data

With such strict data protection rules, storing and managing data is of the utmost importance for all businesses. Proper IT services can ensure all information is stored safely, access to sensitive data is restricted and sending data is secure. Working with experts means any duplicate data can be deleted, data integrity can be maintained, and it can be shared appropriately across platforms. 

As regulations change, a skilled IT team can keep you updated with data protection laws and industry best practices. They can work with you to find the best way to eliminate data silos and ensure all critical data is easily accessible across various devices while remaining secure. An IT support team can also help to eliminate paper storage and migrate manual data transcription to automated systems to save time. 

benefits of it support
You should never just fix a problem without working out how to stop it reoccurring, IT support is no different! The Four Blocks are absolutely critical in any business to make sure the IT works together and constant improvements are made.

Improved business insights

Decision-making is a crucial aspect of business development, and to make decisions, you need data. Professional IT support services can examine your IT infrastructure for weak points, look for inefficiencies, analyse data and improve operations allowing you to gain superior insights into how your business functions at a basic level. With better data insights and analysis, you can see the bigger picture as well as the intimate details and make a more informed decision to benefit your business and your customers. 

As experts, your IT support team will know how to best gather and analyse data from customers, clients and your internal systems to help you improve your marketing strategy, reduce operational costs and better understand your customers. They can help integrate new systems into your existing structure as you grow and will identify gaps where you could improve. 

Technology is so vital for businesses that protecting and investing in your digital offerings will set you apart from the competition and set you up for a better future. This is one of the key benefits of IT Support in our opinion. 

Comprehensive Monitoring and Problem Prevention

We know there is never a good time for your systems to crash. At Microbyte, we believe that the best outsourced IT support providers should prevent problems such as systems crashing, update failures, and loss of essential data. While IT support can provide you with around the clock support when things go wrong so they can be fixed quickly, the best IT support monitors your systems to identify and fix problems before you or your customers know something is wrong which forms an important part of our Managed Services.

This lets you get on with running your business and means you never lose revenue due to downtime or system faults. Nowadays, giving your customers the excuse of “technological issues” is not good enough and being unable to provide top-quality service could make customers turn to your competitors. An expert Managed servicer provider can prevent problems affecting how your business is run, so everything runs smoothly. 

When something goes wrong, you need to know who to call to get immediate results. Working with a dedicated IT support provider means fewer bugs and problems, and when things do go wrong, you can be back up and running as soon as possible.

IT support for all businesses

With technology being such a crucial part of day-to-day business, the impact of your technology failing, being hacked or not working properly can be massively detrimental. If you rely on technology, you need to work with experts who can monitor, maintain and protect your IT systems. 

If you are thinking of outsourcing your IT support, you need to work with a team that can offer bespoke support to suit your business needs. Get in touch with Microbyte today to find out more about how we can support your business. We also offer Support in Dubai, Peterborough and Los Angeles. 

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