Ubiquiti Wifi Solutions

Ubiquiti for Wifi

Ubiquiti Networks have been offering cutting edge Wifi solutions for over 10 years. Their ethos has been based around providing the highest quality software within affordable yet good quality devices.

Some of the functionality available within the Ubiquiti product range is making waves within the IT industry. One such feature is the ability for devices to be responsible for themselves and not being reliant on controller hardware etc.

Regarding Wifi installations Microbyte feel controller-less mesh type networks are the future for all organisations allowing for minimal maintenance and cost.

The concern typically with Wifi installations not using a controller was that clients would need to authenticate with each Access Point independently in turn making for clunky roaming and generally more unreliable connections.

The case with Ubiquiti could not be further from the truth. All Ubi Access Points automatically become aware of other Access Points and are able to handover clients and load balance between them accordingly and the performance of the network thus remains optimal, with clients able to roam freely and benefit from an uninterrupted service.

There are many different ranges within the Ubiquiti product portfolio however for schools and small organisations we are currently endorsing the use of the Unifi range.

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