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Why Your Business Should Upgrade to VoIP


You may have stumbled across other businesses talking about their ‘VoIP (voice over ip) systems’ or ‘hosted VoIP phone’ but what does it actually mean and do you really need it too? Does your business phone system need an upgrade?

Microbyte specialises in offering businesses communication solutions that genuinely help them grow. With an ethos of ‘build something better’, our bespoke VoIP packages cater for single person operations to large-scale businesses in demand of streamlining communication and efficiency.

What is VoIP?

An acronym for ‘voice over internet protocol’, VoIP is essentially technology that allows calls to be made over the internet rather than a phone line. Much like we have seen the development of the internet over the years, from 56k routers travelling over copper phone lines to now running over built-in fibres that run underground – VoIP follows the same principle.

Not only does this allow for a better, faster connection of superior quality, the likelihood of the phonecall dropping decreases along with the overall cost of communication for your business. A surefire win-win.

What are the benefits of a VoIP business phone system?

Aside from the fact your business is keeping up with technology and hosted VoIP telephone systems are designed to streamline workloads and improve productivity, they’re designed in mind to eliminate nuisances and issues that occur with regular telephones.

VoIP systems work alongside your computers (often connecting directly with them), allowing you to keep all technology under the same umbrella and with that, you’re open to a host of new options. Benefits such as call logging and call recording all come as standard with modern VoIP telephone systems.

For more information, you can also read our recent blog about the benefits specific to 3CX – however many of these trickle down to the majority of VoIP telephone systems in some form.

How do I update to a VoIP phone system?

You can upgrade and update your telephone system with Microbyte. Visit our VoIP page to view our current packages available. As installation is handled remotely, with just a few clicks, you can plug-in and transform your business.

What are the VoIP Phone system costs?

Our phone system costs just £10 per user, when you have more than 10x. This includes all 3CX licensing, hosting, support and unlimited calls. The first 10x users costs £15 per seat. Depending on the complexity of the system and all the features you want to implement there may be some upfront project time too, but this is minimal and is far cheaper than a legacy phone system or traditional phone system.

Microbyte have created Azure 3CX, our all encompassing cost effective 3CX VoIP package for businesses of all sizes. This covers:

  • Hosted phone system
  • Cloud phone system
  • VoIP phone system
  • Real time information on your call handling
  • 100% customisable dashboards and reports
  • Office competitions based on best performing agents
  • Complete flexibility with your own dedicated VoIP system

If you are interested in introducing VoIP into your business or want to discuss your goals and requirements to see how we can best help, feel free to speak to us today via. our contact page or telephone 01733 577055.