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What are Managed Services?

what are managed services

Managed Services cover all your IT needs

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are IT specialists that handle your business IT needs. They take care of the stuff you can see – like your user experience – and the stuff you can’t see – like your infrastructure. Managed Services cover everything IT, from hardware and office equipment to software, VoIP and Cloud solutions. Crucially, they offer advice and long-term IT strategy that helps your business grow.
Here’s a quick overview of what a Managed Service Provider can do for your business.

They’ll help you plan and track your IT expenditure

Managed Services Providers handle the day-to-day maintenance of your business’s IT needs for a simple monthly rate. With an MSP taking care of your IT, you’ll be less likely to have operational outages, downtime and surprise expenses. They’ll help you budget for project work and keep your IT scaling with your business. And because they’re managing it, you usually only have to deal with one supplier invoice.

Someone will be fixing an issue before you even notice there’s an issue

An MSP’s network operations centre monitors and maintains your network. They deal with outages, network failures, cyber-attacks and much more – everything to keep your network stable and secure. Alerts can be set-up to notify you of anything that could cause potential issues. When it comes to office IT they’ll keep things running through updates and patches, cabling and hardware maintenance. With a Managed Services Provider, fixes are often automatic, and handled before they have any business impact.

They’ll save you money on in-house IT

An MSP is far more cost-effective than hiring IT staff in-house. You’ll get a team of experts including support engineers, a NetAdmin and VITD, without having to recruit your own IT army. They’ll stay on top of more than your IT systems; they’ll recommend the latest technologies and solutions that give you more bang for buck. In-house IT resources often go on fixing user issues, but with an MSP you get constant support without any impact on long-term projects. If you’re scaling fast, a Managed Service Provider will work out a roadmap that supports you every step of the way.

You’ll get 24/7 support (well, you do with our MSP)

Gone are the days of calling the in-house IT support guy to sit at your computer while you replicate a problem. A 24/7 helpdesk reduces operational disruption and downtime, wherever your team work.
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