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What does an IT Helpdesk do?

IT support desk

You shouldn’t notice a good IT helpdesk

An IT Helpdesk desk should minimise disruption to your business by solving problems and preventing future ones. IT support desks are business-focused with sector-specific knowledge of business processes and priorities. A good helpdesk will know what’s important to your business and why.

Here’s what they do:

Help (of course)

If your business is being held back by IT issues, a helpdesk eases the pressure. SMEs can’t afford to waste time scratching their heads and trying to fix issues, when a quick call to an expert could solve things in minutes. Support engineers are trained in a range of both common and sector-specific issues. They have processes in place that mean your ticket is prioritised according to your business needs. If they can’t help over the phone, they’ll escalate your issue to make sure you get the help you need as soon as possible.

A good IT support desk works with your business

IT support engineers will have all the training they need to provide support for your specific applications and products. They’ll also get to know your business inside out and understand the impact of disruption. You might be an IT business needing to offer support to your customers and end users. An outsourced IT helpdesk can take the pressure off.

Offer flexibility

Most IT support calls can be solved remotely. As people’s working patterns and locations become more flexible, you have to choose an IT helpdesk that offers 24/7 support. A 24/7 helpdesk is ideal for businesses with multiple sites, or where staff are across different time zones. Your staff need a number they can call any time of day no matter where they’re based or the hours they work.

Provide IT and software training

An IT support desk doesn’t just provide phone and remote desktop support, many offer training and web resources to save you unnecessary ticket costs. A good helpdesk will help you learn as you go, especially if you’ve had a recent software update or a new application installed. They’ll send you all you need to know to adjust to changes and save you picking up the phone.

Save you time

Yes, YouTube has made us all experts, but what’s the cost to your business of spending an hour trying to fix a problem yourself? If an IT helpdesk can fix an issue – and prevent future ones – in minutes, is it worth trying to get to the bottom of it yourself? On top of this, if you’re operating more slowly because you’re working around a fixable issue, you’re holding your operations back and putting unnecessary stumbling blocks in the way.

So, to put it simply, if you’re looking to:

– offer your staff and customers a single point of contact for their issues
– grow your business
– reduce operational disruption
…an IT support desk could be just the ticket.
If you’re looking for more than IT support, you might need managed services.
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