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White Label IT Support


Our White Label IT support is a genuine white label service

We know that when you sign up to our White Label IT Support, you want customers to see you.

So when it comes to your clients, we’re not “Microbyte”, we’re [insert your name here] and also your logo and your points of contact, your systems and processes… everything. Hey, we’ll even learn special handshakes if you want, because our helpdesk is part of your team and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.
That means we’re not going to tell anyone you use us, and we’ll do everything we can to fit right in with your culture, values and service levels. We want to give you a seamless service that saves you money and stress. Think of us as an extension of your business for a fraction of the in-house cost.

Third line IT support

While most of our White Label Helpdesk support is first and second line, we also provide third line support to deal with more complex issues. We recently started providing outsourced IT Helpdesk support to an MSP who were struggling to meet all their client needs. They could answer calls, but they didn’t have a point of escalation they could rely on. So they asked us to help with overflow.
It couldn’t be simpler. Any problems your engineers can’t fix, just hand them over to us and we’ll get to the bottom of them.

Open ticket audit

When you sign up to our white label services, we audit your outstanding tickets so we can start with a fresh slate. For one client, that showed up a lot of outstanding low-priority tickets. In fact, one had been open for six months. SIX! Because there were always more important things to work on and no customer pressure, it stayed open.
We’re no believers in perfectionism. We know that some things take time and that there aren’t always easy fixes, but open tickets keep us up at night. If there’s a problem we can’t solve, we don’t wait for a client to chase us up. We want a good night’s sleep so it’s in our interests to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. And that’s what we did for this overdue ticket. In a few hours. A six-month problem solved in an afternoon.

Thorough onboarding and white label handover

We create training materials and manage the onboarding process so our team can take care of the niggly jobs that you just don’t have the time to fix… and we can deal with the backlog that’s holding you back.
If you’ve still got open tickets, how are you going to clean that slate? An outsourced IT Helpdesk might be the ticket. Speak to us to find out more.

If you’re considering outsourcing your IT Helpdesk, get our White Label brochure now.