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Why is Cloud better than on-premise? 

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Cloud and on-premise are application hosting options that a Managed Service Provider can support you with
There are some primary differences between the two that make Cloud our preferred option
Here are five Cloud advantages:

1. Saving physical space

This is the fundamental difference between Cloud and on-premise. On-premise business applications are usually hosted on-site on computers or physical servers. That locked ‘storage’ cupboard with cabinets and wires is usually for the servers. When software’s on the Cloud, there’s no need for physical servers. Well, there are, but you don’t have to own or maintain them. This not only saves space but gives you far better resilience and disaster recovery options.

2. 24/7 Cloud access 

In the days when on-premise ERPs were the norm, the only way to access your business applications would be in the office or, if you had a laptop, through a VPN. Even the most tech-advanced businesses struggled with dropped VPN connections and security risks. With Cloud-hosted software, all you need is a secure login to access your work apps 24/7 wherever you are.

3. Scalable subscription models 

Most Cloud software providers and services such as Microsoft Azure work on a subscription modelThat means there’s no upfront payment or initial instalment fee so your OpEx is predictable and scalable. In essence you’re paying to rent from Microsoft (or Amazon or Google’s) data centres. Their economy of scale allows you to scale up or down according to your business, without the costly upfront investment.

4. Low-maintenance  

Along with your Cloud providers, your MSP will maintain your operations 24/7. They’ll integrate applications with the Cloud, or find workarounds for legacy systems. They’ll also help you find more affordable solutions depending on your business’s future plans and needsMost updates are automatic, easy to roll out automatic and cause minimal disruption – if any – to business operations

5. Security and compliance

For on-premise applications, your MSP will help you ensure backup and data recovery plans to protect your business. However, the flexibility of the Cloud means you have even more layers of security and resilience even in worst-case scenariosAs well as data encryption, security updates and active defence against cyber-attacks, a Cloud provider offers compliance in your chosen geography. So, if you want to be UK GDPR compliant, you might want to ensure data is only stored in UK data centres.
Cloud computing helps your business stay secure, agile and scalable. Ask us about how we can help you get the benefits of the Cloud.