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Windows 10

So what are the new features of Windows 10? Is it safe? Do we need it right away?

It’s always exciting when a new operating system arises. Who doesn’t want a shiny, new and fresh appearance to their desktop? But wait; what changes will I be taking on board and have there been any issues since the release?

From what we have seen so far, the ‘upgrade’ is a pleasant and trouble free experience however there is always a time factor that you have to take in to consideration, and it was a rather long process.

Will it be compatible with the current hardware that you are running, and all the software that is loaded on to your system?

Just a few of the aspects that require investigation before making the leap, along with the possibility  that that you may be sharing out your WiFi passwords to those around you, others on Facebook and your Outlook contacts.

The main features that we have seen here at Microbyte that stand out include:

–          The Start Menu! We have welcomed this back with open arms, combining the useful tiles of 8.1 and the action of being able to see your desktop while this has been expanded.

–          Battery life. Once loaded on to a laptop there has been a fantastic increase in battery life on some of the machines that we have tested.

–          It’s free. Everyone loves free things, especially when it’s something that you are going to use from day to day.

–          Multiple screens so you can keep your emails on one, day to day working on the other etc.

Rigorous testing continues, to ensure that this will be able to be rolled out to end users with minimum disruption. We want you to work smoothly, efficiently and without issue.