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How to work from home without losing your mind

Working from home doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from the outside world or driving yourself crazy with constant notifications. There is a middle ground.

Here are some tips from our very own Anna Fletcher on how to stay productive, happy and healthy in your home office.

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Communicate clearly and regularly: 

  • Turn on notifications 
  • Ask colleagues and clients questions to better understand expectations 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask again if you need clarity 
  • Set up regular calls and video calls – you’ll be grateful for seeing other human faces

desk with natural light, vase of flowers and laptopCreate your own workspace:

This can be hard for some home situations, but if you don’t already have a dedicated office, try to carve out a corner of a room or dining table that is your space during the working week. Make sure the area has:

  • Natural light 
  • Fresh air – keep those windows open even just a fraction
  • A comfortable chair 
  • As big a screen as possible adjusted to the correct height

Carve out your own time: 

  • Agree ‘Focus Hours’ with your manager, when you’re not on call
  • Use Do Not Disturb on your devices
  • Only have one emergency mode of communication during Focus Hours

Find your routine: 

  • Keep your morning routine – get dressed and ready for work
  • Where possible, stick to your normal office routine, including start times and break times 
  • Log off at your normal finish time 
  • Be transparent with your availability by updating your calendars

Look after yourself:

  • Stand up and stretch your legs regularly or do simple yoga poses
  • Meditate using apps such as Headspace or Simple Habit
  • Have a big bottle of water nearby to sip regularly
  • On your breaks, leave your workstation and ideally get some fresh air

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Stay connected and positive during the working day:

  • Reach out to your team if you find areas of your work more difficult to complete at home 
  • Talk to your manager and colleagues for help and support 
  • Keep on track of team goals by regularly checking in with your colleagues
  • Stay positive and have a laugh with your teammates wherever possible!

Remember to switch off:

Having your work at home can mean you feel obliged to answer emails and carry on working at all hours. Make sure you know when to start and stop.

  • Keep a record of your working hours
  • Don’t blur work and leisure time – be online or offline, otherwise you’ll never relax and recharge

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