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Give us a nudge…

As Dispatch Manager, I am involved with looking for ways to improve our support offering to ensure our customers receive the best possible service, and of course keep our support team on their toes’.

We have just launched our Push / Nudge feature which enables customers to request updates on their case. Customers who feel they have been waiting a little too long can give the support team a gentle nudge for an update on the status of their case. If however they feel they need more of a formal update, customers can use our new push function which will notify me (Ruth) directly so I can initiate the appropriate action.

I am certainly excited by this new function, it will allow us to be more proactive with cases; track and meet SLA’s, along with reaffirming our own KPIs.

Having had such a long career within the IT industry, I am passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations, this is what makes my job rewarding.

It is important we carry on looking for new ideas and innovations; it’s what we hope will keep us a key player in our industry.

So…… If you feel you need update, come and give us a nudge!

Ruth Williamson
Captain Dispatch 😉