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Microbyte Extends its 24 Hour Commitment

As many of our clients know we have been operating 24/7 for some years now, on an ‘on call’ basis except for very specific requirements. However, as the world is getting smaller and client requirements become ever more diverse, we have made the decision to have engineers on-hand right through the 24-hour cycle.

It’s not been an easy task but with the unrelenting commitment of our team we have managed it and opened our small operation in Dubai, which unbeknownst to many of our clients has already been providing certain services. Our agents are directly employed by Microbyte and undergo the same training and management procedures. The feedback thus far has been absolutely fantastic and we are excited to keep expanding this side of the business.

As far as existing services go, all operations will continue to be managed exactly as they are from our Peterborough office with all ticket handling and customer service staying as it is.
We look forward to sharing more of these developments with you as they unfold, please do let us know if you are looking for full 24/7 IT Support cover or perhaps global coverage for your business.