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Finding the Efficiencies

In a busy and hectic workplace, we are all looking to find the fastest route to a solid resolution. The most efficient and hassle-free way to get to the end goal! Here at Microbyte we want you to be able to enjoy a simple way to report any issues to us, having them all handled…

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Azure Identity Protection | The next very welcome technology?

  As many of us are discovering, the landscape for technology and life in general is changing, and in some respects not entirely for our benefit. When you call the bank you are interrogated, when your card is declined you have to explain yourself thoroughly, and god forbid you forget your online banking password! Still,…

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The Importance of Being Vigilant on the Internet

We are all aware of cyber threats and internet fraudsters, but how many of us think along the lines of “this will never happen to me” or “I would know for sure if I received a dodgy link”? Some real-life examples now have me thinking even harder about how serious the risk is, and how a…

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Microbyte are Now a Microsoft Education Partner

If you are a school or educational facility, contact Microbyte today for great discounts on Microsoft devices and products. It’s time you received reliable assistance from the newest Microsoft Education Partner. Not only are we Microsoft Gold Partners, but we are happy to announce that we are now also a Microsoft Education Partner. With this,…

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Sawtry Village Academy awards in association with Safapac

Photography courtesy of Chris Lowndes   Science students at Sawtry Academy have been rewarded for their hard work and performance as part of an ongoing partnership with chemicals manufacturer and packing specialist, Safapac. Students at the school were presented with Amazon gift cards in recognition of their achievements in the sciences. John Blaydes, technical director…

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