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What can Azure Information Protection do for your business?

Azure Information Protection

Data security with Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection decreases the opportunities for human error.

Human error is no excuse for data mishandling, yet it’s still the biggest risk to data security. Since GDPR regulations came into force, data handling is serious stuff. With more regulations and increased fine, data breaches come at a serious price.

AIP helps you protect and control company data. It classifies and protects documents and emails stored on the cloud or on-premise. You can apply labels for different sensitivity levels automatically, manually or both. 

Classify and protect

So how does it work? AIP works best when you classify documents as you create them. In Word, for example, you’ll see a toolbar giving you levels of sensitivity to choose from. If you don’t select one, your company default applies. You might configure AIP to auto-label a document if it detects credit card details or personal contact information.
You can configure AIP to apply rules and alerts to prompt users to action. Set time limits on document storage. Assign permissions to personnel as they change roles or progress at your business. Add watermarks, disable screen-sharing or screenshots, or prevent copy-paste. There are endless ways you can add important security layers to your business data.

What does Azure Information Protection do?

To make it easy to get total security, AIP:

  • meets all GDPR requirements for privacy and security.
  • encrypts emails and documents at the point of creation, determining the level of security based on the content.
  • integrates with document management systems
  • scans through all data and retroactively protects it to standard. The scanning feature allows you to see all the information you have, the level of protection it requires, and where it’s stored.
  • gives automatic alerts for unusual activity in documents or emails. It also uses real-time intelligence on all secure emails and documents.
  • can roll out policy changes globally in under a minute.

Compliance and peace of mind

AIP gives you the reassurance that your data is safe and that you’ve done everything you can to stay compliant.
Benefits for your business include:
  • Reduced risk of data-leakage, ensuring you always stay in control of the data you keep.
  • Fewer risks that come from relying on user discretion for data security.
  • Easy implementation with no impact on operations.
  • Low-cost update and maintenance.
  • Insights into your business through scanning functionality. Analyse data flows to see the information you have and how it’s used and accessed.
  • Significant savings from eliminating existing point solutions.
By reducing the potential for human error and misuse, your business can better protect itself and your clients.
Talk to us about AIP today. We can set it up, configure it and train you to get the most out of it.